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You should know that the telephone systems are quite important to any company. The businesses should go through the process of purchasing as well as switching from one telephone system to the other on the average of five to seven years. The company may upgrade their old digital system or install a VoIP enabled system or implement that hosted PBX or virtual PBX from the hosted VoIP providers. Well, the transition can be painful. However, this is not the case on this though. Here are some of the things that you must remember and do so that you can reduce the disruption in changing your telephone system for the Call Center Setup.


One is that you should not wait till the last minute when you have to decide on the Office Telephone System. The telephone system vendors do agree to almost any kind of installation time frame to be able to make a sale. But, with the less time that they are given, there is also a sloppy installation. For this reason, you should plan the proper installation which will take time but this is not always under the control of the hosted VoIP provider. The small systems require a minimum of three weeks to prepare. With the larger system, more time is needed and this can require several months. When the telephone service is switched from one carrier to a different one, then the time in porting the telephone numbers must also be considered in the equation. The carriers must also estimate the time that it will take to port and this can be about sixty days.


You must also identify the telephones and what they can do. You must do this before you decide what should be done to your telephone system. When this has not been done, then you should do it at once. You can use the LEC or the phone bills to know the lines and numbers. When there is still doubt on the specific lines and circuits, then you have to call them. You should eliminate any which is not used and ensure that the new system or the hosted PBX service accommodates all which are required.


Also, you have to know the installation schedule of the new telephone circuits. Find out if the new circuits are ready in time for the new telephone system installation. Each type of telephone circuit demands different hardware components in the telephone system. Find out more at .